Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Congratulations on a wedding

A wedding congratulation 
with Tim Holtz Crazy Birds.

The inside of the card says
"Nyd dagen -
den bliver ikke genudsendt"
(enjoy this day -
there are no re-runs

I just had the lovely news that my best friends'  oldest daughter is getting married this Saturday, no big celebration, understandably as they only just had a baby daughter - still I want to send them my warmest thoughts together with some flowers. 

Monday, 14 September 2015

Party time ...... with Mama Elephant

Partying with Mama Elephant
Ella and Friends.

This card had a hard time coming to me and it was actually sitting on display on my bookcase for quite some time, before I could do the finishing touches. 

A few mishaps were covered by the small umbrella and the cloud. 

A bottle tag for a giftbag

A bag full of......
and a note to the recipient using a bottle tag.

As guest at a birthday party I wanted to bring some Jerusalem artichokes along for the host and hostess. I didn't have time for a regular card so I grabbed a bottle tag from my stash and it fitted nicely around the neck of the paper bag. 

I will have to do more bottle tags................